UBT Proxy Staking

SPO's UBT Pool on Gysr.io

Via GYSR.io, SPO offers a proxy staking pool. The UBT in the pool are used as the needed stake for the SPO validator node in the Baseledger network. All rewards form being a Baseledger validator in return go back into this pool. You can particpate in the pool by staking your UBT without losing control over them - you can withdraw your staked UBT at any time. Rewards are distributed to all participants of the pool.


Pool address: https://app.gysr.io/pool/0xfaf957614dadac83363c097aa52c320cf4a75445

  • Step 1: Visit the Pool on Gysr.
  • Step 2: Connect your wallet with the Gysr App.

    Connect your wallet (with UBT Balance).

  • Step 3: Stake, Claim, Unstake

    Use the Gysr frontend to manage your stake:

    • 1: Approve UBT to be used with Gysr
    • 2: Select the amount to stake (there is NO minimum amount)
    • 3: Stake
    • 4: Find the overview and statistics of the pool
    • 5: You can unstake your staked UBT at anytime
    • 6: If you staked your UBT for minimum 60 days and rewards have been distributed, you can claim your share of the rewards
    • 7: You can also unstake AND claim the rewards in one transaction

  • Step 4: Review the statistics

    On the statistics page, you can find an overview on all pool metrics and a schedule of pool related events.



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The screenshots in this manual were made before the pool was published, that's why it is showing 0 in the staking values, please check the live pool for the current view.